When coupled with a microstepping driver, the 5-phase motor can make steps as small as 0. As you can see the 2-phase motor produces much more vibration. Bedankt voor de lekkere stol! Depending on your particular application, a 2-phase motor may suffice. So when the rotor overshoots the correct stator tooth by more than 3.

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Axial Fans Axial Fans. There are a number of ways to drive a stepper motor and the drive greatly affects the motor’s performance. Structurally, the 5-phase stepper motor is not that different from the 2-phase motor.

Bedankt voor de lekkere stol! Because of the smaller step angles in 5-phase stepper motors, 0.

Stepper motor 4 Kg/cm

The rotor in both motors has 50 teeth. There are two key differences between 2-phase and 5-phase stepper motors. When coupled with a microstepping driver, the 5-phase motor can make steps as small as 0.

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A motor will lose synchronism or miss a step when the teeth on the rotor don’t line up with the correct teeth on the stator. In a 2-phase motor the stator is made up of 8 magnetic poles with small teeth, while the 5-phase motor stator is made up of 10 magnetic poles.


These graphs were created by attaching a generator to a double shafted motor. Microstep drivers divide the basic step angle of the motor by decreasing the current to one phase while increasing the current to the next phase in increments.

Stögra stappenmotor en vermogensregelaar

Hiernaast selecteren en bieden we de juiste componenten en systemen aan voor motion control oplossingen, zoals servomotorreductorenlineaire servoactuators tot aan complete XYZ cartesische systemen.

Click here to e-mail us For Japanese: ATB Automation maakt gebruik van cookies om de website goed te laten functioneren. Finally, the rotor teeth line directly stappnmotor with the next stator teeth figure 1.

Blijf ons in ook volgen voor product ontwikkelingen en nieuwe projecten. The increased resolution of the 5-phase dase inherent to its design.

Als u onze website gebruikt, gaan wij ervan uit dat u daarvoor toestemming geeft. By microstepping the motor in this example we have divided staopenmotor basic steps per revolution of the 5-phase stepper motor by 5, increasing it to 2, steps per revolution.

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With more phases contributing to the total torque of the motor, the torque ripple in a 5-phase motor is greatly reduced over a 2-phase motor. Neem contact op met: The guide covers the basic differences between both technologies in the key areas of step motor performance: A number of factors are involved in the performance of a step motor.

Neem contact op Naam: Without accounting for the various drive methods here are the key areas of performance for 2-phase and 5-phase stepper motors. Instead of the magnetic flux flowing directly, it can flow elsewhere when the teeth are rounded.

We zijn in vele markten actief Diverse applicaties in de Benelux, van handlingsystemen tot bewerkingsmachines of de automotive tot de voedingsmiddelenindustrie.

Stepper Motors – 2-Phase vs. 5-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Comparison

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