The same goes for realtek nics. I found your post by searching for the dmesg errors. Hardware raid support is not important since I will be using software raid. I gave up on the Highpoint and bought the Supermicro that was mentioned here. Website, accessed October 19,

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List of Marvell Technology Group chipsets

Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. The same goes for realtek nics. If your RAID is set up by UUID – and it probably is – the machine won’t even notice or care if you swap drives between different ports with wild abandon.

Only drives plugged in to the first 2 channels are recognized. From that page I linked to earlier.

[zfs-discuss] Multiple SATA controllers and ZFS on Linux

I just ran into this issue for a 88sd7042. However, it did not work for me I would like to reuse the qnap case instead of just scrapping it.

Last edited by a moderator: Depending on your kernel version, yes. Linux or Windows, no difference. But it’s from a old 2.

In the same way that software developers code assuming malicious input, hardware vendors need to design for the worst possible signals from other devices. Most importantly, no other disks failed at any stage following the move from the Marvell to the SiI controller. After kicking out the disk from the array, that rebuild time dropped to 5 hours, which is a pretty compelling argument for using enterprise disks to have them die quicker and cleaner.


It won’t work in a PCI Express 1x. Joined Jul 29, Messages 3 Thanks 0. I am currently running 88zx7042 latest stable kernel for Debian Etch, 2.

Linux-Kernel Archive: Marvell 88SX [4 Port SATA PCI-Express x4] Support/Questions

Originally posted by tinyMan: It has some sort of Marvell chip on it i. I’d think the UUIDs would facilitate that fairly well. Worked out of the box with no configuration using Debian Etch kernel 2. Accs Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: I anticipated just needing to arrange the replacement of one disk and being able to move on with my life.

Power Supply — I replaced the few year old power supply in the server with a newer higher spec good quality model. Really disappointed in Highpoint, total waste of money. Jun 25, Posts: Sat Apr 26, 4: The only possible exception is if for some reason you need the system to boot from an array, in which case you have no choice other than fakeraid or hardware raid.


Try one of the marvell drivers instead, like sky2 or skge. Thing is that the output does show the 4 channels. I could not get the proprietary drivers to work, and the non-proprietary drivers are buggy.

List of Marvell Technology Group chipsets

I just ordered up two of the Syba cards you recommended. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. If it works then that is a huge bonus.

Here is 88ss7042 output I get from dmesg when I loaded the driver before. I can’t swap it out without ditching the whole plan.