The MacTCP is set manually. Focused on a specific untapped service, Asante achieved success through its Ethernet networking solutions, with products such as switches, hubs, and adapter cards. In December , Asante held its initial public offering and was named the 19th fastest growing company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Edited December 29, by Bunsen https: Sign In Sign Up. The router side is important because many modern routers won’t step down the speed of the port. Yeah, the SSL is the killer issue, thanks for the tips!

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Business operation center is located in Fremont, California. I uploaded the manual for MacCon ethernet cards for you here.

The FriendlyNET line provides networking solutions for small offices, homes, schools, and pre-press markets. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Search domains can be blank. I never thought to tinker with the settings of the modern Saante to ensure that they could communicate, so I’ll definitely look into that.

Bridging LocalTalk and Ethernet

That’s the eureka moment. Hey John, I’m really interested – what application are you using for email?

But is that indeed the correct choice for the cards that I have installed? The story of Asante Networks started in with a couple of men, brimming with ideas and technology that could change the world.

As for the Stunnel, the link that you have is a good reference but I can provide much simpler installation notes if you are interested. Fantastic info – thank you!


On the other hand, hooking the old Mac onto my network with a switch works fine, but, for you, it will depend on the feature set of your work’s network setup as to whether it will connect correctly or not. I’ve been playing with it on my desk at work connected to our corporate LAN and I’ve also tried running it into my modern desktop Mac with AirPort-to-Ethernet sharing enabled but I just keep going in circles, and I can’t tell at this point if I’m missing some essential driver, or if I have MacTCP mis-configured, or if there’s a hardware failure at play here.

I’m not seeing any files anywhere on the drive that seem directly related to the Ethernet board – nothing labeled Asante in the System Folder, etc. Then again, those are just different hoops! The router side is important because many modern routers won’t step down the speed of the port.

If it’s giving the MacCon gigabit speeds, it just won’t work.

Mac Driver Museum: Network Card Drivers

Hosting your own mail server is another intriguing possibility. By HuxleyDecember 22, in Compact Mac. FriendlyNET products are designed with speed, value, and ease-of-mind.

Posted December 24, Posted December 22, I have installed the Asante drivers referemced in the post asantw and the installation reported as being successful. The business simply translates into a quality name with innovative, reliable, ease of use, best price performance, data, security, product company.

The AppleTalk control panel won’t affect your ethernet connection. As for your ethernet issue — I don’t think you should be seeing the Network control panel at all.


Others have successfully implemented an SSL tunnel to get their Gmail on their 68k Mac with an older client, but I gave up on it. It boots nicely from the original internal HDD no frozen-spindle syndrome here, thankfully and appears functional overall. When I installed mine, I just did the easy install. Also, check the switch on the back of the Asante daughter card, next to the Ethernet port.

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About Asante

John Edited December 22, by jrwil. Edited December 29, by Bunsen https: Any help would be appreciated. I’m going to bring the old Mac home over the holiday break and test there – it’s entirely possible that the LAN at my office is too heavily restricted to allow what I’m trying to do, and now I’m wondering if one of our network admins hasn’t been scratching his head while looking at network-access attempts that look 25 years out of date These systems meet the requirements for multi-service networks that support all applications and data types.