No need to register first, just simply fill in the form and we will add your personal opinion and camera rating in our user review section. Of course, DRO can also be disabled completely, which gives a slightly more neutral rendering altogether. Not surprisingly, then, high-sensitivity performance from the W compares favorable to what we saw from its little brother. The d-pad is big enough to be comfortable for those with large hands and easy enough to use, but I continue to feel more negative than positive about the tiny round buttons Menu, Home, Playback, and Slideshow that surround it: What I find unconscionable on this Cyber-shot W, however, is that the system seems to have become slower and more lag prone than ever.

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It’s not as flat as the models of the T-series, but it will do fine.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170 Review

Beyond the default color mode, users can select the contrast-boosting Vivid option, or Black and White and Sepia modes. On the one hand, it puts the entire range of menu choices under one umbrella; on the other, page after page of unclearly differentiated options is a bit much. Still Image size 5. Pro ratio, there are approximately 35 million pixels on one square cm of the W’s sensor, whereas the Sony Alpha has 2. But Smile Shutter can still be finicky at times: Distance limitations using Flash m.


Auto Focus Area Flexible Spot. A newer version of your browser may be available. Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. Chrome Download the latest version. Questions of its overall usefulness aside, Smile Shutter works fine.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170

In January, the first large consumer electronics show kicks off, the CES in Las Vegas; which generally forms the start of the first camera introductions.

The Sony Cybershot DSC aims at a totally different target group; a target group less demanding and more attracted to the ease of a compact camera. Owing in some measure to its boxy shape and lack of a real grip profile, the W can be difficult to use one-handed.

Visit our network of sites: Of course, DRO can also be disabled completely, which gives a slightly more neutral rendering altogether. The Sony W is a model of the W-series; w1170 that aim at a straightforward operation, yet, are equipped with the latest innovative techniques.

Sony Cybershot DSC W Digital Camera Review Introduction

As with the W, the W struggles to keep red-eye under control. Find information and receive instant notifications about your product.

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It seems that in the real world, the differences in level of detail presented between DRO Standard and DRO Plus prove to be fairly negligible, even in high-contrast situations:. So what explains the difference?

To get the full experience on Sony. White Balance Under incandescent light, auto white balance on the W, like the W, does a decent impression of a sepia shot. Although it does bring out a touch more detail in high-contrast scenes, in shooting with the DRO Plus option enabled, be prepared for some fairly serious color and saturation shifts when compared to the standard mode.

Auto Focus Area Multi Point. Support by Sony fsc app: More resolution with the W, however, means that this number falls off a bit in the step-up model: The system can also be set up to take two shots — one with your settings, and one with the options that the W deems most appropriate, if this differs from your settings.

Still Image size VGA, x Weight with Accessories g.